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Camilo Ibrahim Issa

Personal Overview


Business professional and entrepreneur, Camilo Ibrahim Issa is based in Venezuela. The country, rich with culture, is also full of those like Camilo who are full of dedication and drive. Whenever he isn’t working, you can find him out, drinking up the positive energy it emits. 

One of Camilo’s Issa’s favorite things to do is spend time outdoors, whether near the ocean or in the mountains. He is fond of biking, kayaking, and hiking trails. For a more upbeat time, Camilo Ibrahim Issa enjoys exploring the restaurant scene in. With exclusive clubs, upscale restaurants that host famous clientele, and luxury shops, there are many parts of Venezuela that are thrilling. After all, what’s not to love about the culture, bright colors, and gorgeous Spanish architecture?

To learn more about Camilo Issa’s favorite local haunts and hobbies, be sure to visit his blog!